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...originally was just looking for a personal trainer as I did not feel committed to gym classes and often found myself cancelling. After an initial chat with Alex I signed up for just one session as a try out..... I now feel I have a trainer, life coach, confidant all in one. The sessions are great but the change with my relationship with food was where the real results happened. (AH, Cheltenham)

My session was focused on issues withwork and the anxiety I was feeling around it. I realised during our sessions that the underlying issue was more complex and  explored passions outside of the office that I felt I was neglecting. Key takeaway for me was that I had someone who I felt accountable to and it was the push I needed to make some long overdue changes. (SW, Bristol)

A-THOS came on board as project manager originally, to project manage a large renovation. It was invaluable to have support and someone who I could be a go to for both updates and feedback. Timescales met, budgets controlled and we have since continued to collaborate and have a strong working business relationship. (BB, Spain)

Commercially minded finance people are a rare breed. We are extremely pleased with the results of our project with A-THOS and continue to use them when work requires additional support. Having someone who understands the business so well means we save valuable time when needing support within the company. (Tech Business, Cheltenham)

A one stop shop!. Logo designs, menu creations, photography and web developing, as well as refining the overall concept of the business... we also now have a snapshot whenever we need of the whole business to understand were the issues are clearly and quickly. Great service throughout. (Sport Business Startup, Spain)

My real estate business needed to branch out into construction projects and UK-based clients. The results were immediate and suprising. After the initial consultation we agreed a commission structure  and have worked with them for over 5 years now. (Real Estate Business, Spain)

We discussed openly my financial worries and fears I had around money. Not something people talk about but need to! I was referred to a qualified financial advisor once I better understood my overall plans and cannot believe the amount of energy I was losing worrying about all of this. Small changes were all that was needed... (CP, Spain)

I was looking for financial support for my sports company and was not in a position to employ a full time member of the team. My accountant was only doing filings and returns... with A-Thos I streamlined my reporting structure so the accounting costs reduced more than I was actually paying for the consultancy in the first place.. I also have a full understanding of the finance process which is a first for me. (Homeware Business, UK)

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