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A-THOS CONSULTING brings over 16 years of experience in the field of Personal Development.

Our approach, in today's fast paced and ever-changing world, is to work with individuals who need real support to navigate through life's challenges. Our unique approach to coaching allows clients to identify and understand the obstacles that stand in the way of their ability to develop and strengthen as a person and to achieve their ambitions and goals.

HEALTH : Focusing on Fitness and Nutrition. Our qualified trainers focus on personal training, yoga instruction, functional training, Kettlebells and HIIT training cover to all the vital areas of peak fitness. Working alongside this is bespoke food and dietary guidance and monitoring, to ensure sustainable results and optimal body health.

WEALTH : Wealth Check to acertain personal and financial goals. Management of personal finances, budgets and investments. Future planning, wealth management and support with investments such as property, stock market and emerging market investments. Our goal is to offer real guidance on best practices in all things financial and empower our clients to take control of their finances.

WELLBEING : Vital to any long-term success. Through active listening and understanding of learnt behaviours, our coaches will guide you through a holistic and reflective approach to personal development. Building a strong base from which to grow and achieve a focused approach to the challenges and obstacles life can throw at you. Relationships, understanding learnt behaviours and highlighting areas of development to allow long term success and focus. 

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Clients are able to choose which area they wish to pursue for their personal development. During our initial consultation we will work with you to identify areas to focus on. Our ability to then build a bespoke program for each client ensures we are able to effectively bring about change. A-Thos Consulting also have an number of specialist coaches available to support you in your personal developement. 

Prices start from £195.00 for an initial three-hour consultation and review. 

Private Hourly Sessions are £60.00 discounted depending on requirements and frequency. 

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