A-THOS CONSULTING brings over 16 years of experience in the field of BUSINESS Development.

Our approach, in today's fast paced and ever-changing world is to work with small and medium sized businesses who need real support to navigate through change. Due to our ability to adapt to all aspects of business roles, we offer a pro-active approach, assisting companies with cost effective, reliable, consistent and experienced support. 

FINANCE: Focusing on Accounting & Financials. Our qualified ACCA Charted Accountants with experience working within both large corporates and business start ups, can offer support in all areas of business and finance. Our approach to integrating the finance function within all areas of the business is key to our success. Specialising in business plans, systems, budgets, cashflow management, business performance, month-end processes and all reporting functions within the company. 

BRAND : Critical for any business. The most valuable asset is the memorable impression it has with its customers. Allowing clients to know exactly what to expect from the company requires a number of key development areas. Be it the company's logo and first customer contact point, through to final customer focused reviews and feedback, we offer a complete start to finish approach to allow the brand to grow and gain recognition it deserves.

SALES : Vital to any long-term success. Many companies find themselves dealing with the day to day running of the company and forget to spend time and resources to the future and bigger picture on looking at further future development. We help companies see the opportunities available to them to sustain what they already have and to grow and diversify in new areas the strengthen the success of the company. We have supported a number of companies to franchise, find investments, raise capital as well as new potential markets both in the UK and overseas. 


£750.00 Business Audit (one day + report & review session)

A-THOS Consulting offers a one day business audit, to meet with the key stakeholders and discuss current challenges and gain an understanding of the business and its direction. We build on this to develop a bespoke plan to bring about the necessary changes to support a sustainable future as effectively and efficiently as possible.

£350.00 per day Consulting (discounted depending on requirements and frequency)

Following Business Audit for continued support to ensure changes are implemented and sustained long term

Rates for Business Development and Support

£75.00                                 Hourly Rate

£200.00 / £350.00             Day / Half Day Rate                               

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... not only did they explore areas we had not even considered, despite being a fair way down the road with the company, every aspect of what was created for our business was unique for us. I never realised that such quick changes to our approach would give such a clear picture of not only where we were (especially with financials) but also where to focus our efforts going forward in terms of revenue and client relations. Invaluable support and we are still in contact even today with sessions to get feedback now that they understand our business so well. 

AH, Independent Business, Cheltenham